Santa Fe High School is the largest interdisciplinary public school in Northern New Mexico with a comprehensive art program open to all students. At Santa Fe High, several hundred students attend art classes every school day, whether its theater tech, studio art, advanced mixed choir, marching band or one of the other many classes. Santa Fe High recognizes that arts are not a luxury but an essential component of a quality education. Students who participate in art are more likely to perform well in academic classes. Whether they become professional artists or not, they take with them an experience that will serve them throughout their lives.

Santa Fe High arts students have performed locally, nationally and internationally and their art has been seen in major galleries. Many graduates have used the skills they learned at Santa Fe High to earn scholarships for higher education.

(Click here for Santa Fe High performing arts program brochure.)

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Youth All State Choir  A Santa Fe High singer will be among the students from middle schools from across the state performing in the audition-only choir. January 30. 11 am. Las Cruces Convention Center.

Southwest International Honor Band Santa Fe High band members will be among the select musicians from New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Chihuhua, Mexico, participating in the by-audition-only performance. February 7. 1:30 pm. New Mexico State University Concert Hall.



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